Environment Pledge 2021

To promote the aim of Mobius Foundation and its commitment towards sustainability, the Chairperson of Mobius Foundation organized a campaign where all employees were asked to pledge towards Environment and sustainability. Everyone submitted their pledges and each pledge will be displayed for a week to make others aware in the new year 2021.

“I pledge to continue planting at least one tree every year (equal to the number of years that I will spend on this planet) & I pledge to buy at least 15% of my food directly from villages (farm to fork) to strengthen the village economy.”

“I will eat just right as required by my body to avoid overeating. It will help me save food and keep me healthy and active.”

“I, Kavya, pledge to segregate my (household, shop, establishment) waste in two dustbins, wet waste in green and dry waste in blue, as my contribution to the Environment and Sustainability.”

“I pledge to be a responsible consumer from now on.”

“I pledge to mentor at least a dozen youth to take up environment and sustainability causes to make them youth ambassadors for sustainability (YAS).”

 “To Be Better Human Being”.

“I, Vijeta, take a pledge as a mother. “I promise to instill good values in my child for their better future and will use less plastic. And as a Wife, “I pledge that I will not be offended by my husband’s small talk.”

“To Avoid using single-use plastic, especially water bottles.” And motivate my family to adopt the same!