Why the need

The energy choices we make today will significantly impact our health, economy and climate for decades to follow. The need of the hour is to make solar technology, hydro panel technology and other eco-friendly sources of energy more accessible and affordable for the masses.

Brief of the project

We are the first NGO in India to install hydro panels in rural areas at SIRUC (Sundesh Integrated Rural Upliftment Centre) in Hapur district Uttar Pradesh. This pilot project is a part of many ecological projects undertaken by us towards environmental sustainability. These hydropanels will provide potable water using air and sun, renewable sources of energy. We will be using this new technology for the first time in India.

How it functions

Hydro panel technology generates drinking water from the atmosphere using solar technology. It is an off-grid, innovative and sustainable water solution. Life span of one panel is 15 years, and a single panel is sufficient for generating 2-5 litres of water every day. The technology also has a provision to hold about 30 litres of water in a reservoir, where it is mineralised and kept clean for optimal taste and health.