Environment and Climate Change Sustainable Development

Environment and Climate Change Sustainable Development Goals Conclave 2020 organised by the Greenlco Eco Foundation. Environment and Climate is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century along with the increased global pollution and environmental degradation. It is no longer a scientific concern alone but involves economics, sociology, education, law and health which directly impact the global sustainability. The role of our system is of utmost importance in addressing the issues of Environment Climate impacts and managing it. Delhi is already grappling with a major environment crisis, putting millions of lives at risk.

The main objective of the conclave was to sustain physical and social environment towards building a sustainable nation, partnering institutions, schools, colleges, industries, corporates, Government and civil society etc.

Dr Ram Boojh and Ms Kavya Singh Yadav attended the conclave on 18th January 2020. Dr Ram Boojh was invited as an eminent speaker spoke on “Environmental challenges and sustainability options for a better world”.