Why the need

Access to clean, potable water remains a big issue for a majority of Indian population. To fulfill this long standing need, Mobius Foundation has undertaken a special project to supply clean, drinkable water, free of any bacteria and microorganisms to different rural areas in India.

Date /month of Installation

Drawing inspiration from UNICEF’s WASH initiative, we initiated ‘Livinguard Filter’ project in September 2018 for providing sanitation and potable water to people living in remote areas of India. Under this project, we have worked on installing community water purifiers in Nagla village, Uttar Pradesh.

Technology Use/ Collaboration with

The community filters used by us are manufactured by Livinguard. Their patented technology turns textiles and other substrates into self-disinfectants. This technology powerfully fights microbes, while still being gentle and safe to humans and the environment. Mobius Foundation has purchased two Livinguard machines and installed them in SIRUC (Sundesh Integrated Rural Upliftment Centre), Hapur Centre and ARY (Ayurvet Research Foundation).

The filters purify water in four stages.

  1. Pre-filtration against dirt and turbidity
  2. Activated carbon treatment against odour and organic material
  3. Application of rechargeable resin for reducing arsenic/fluoride/hardness
  4. Livinguard filtration to eliminate microbes completely

Once the process is complete, we finally get safe, potable water.

This technology is tested and certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NSF International. It does not require electricity and it doesn’t waste water like RO filters do. We are currently testing this technology by installing a 100 LPH community filter under our pilot project. We expect to expand our project in the future to more areas in need of clean water.