World Environment School will be the first school in India and South Asia to lead in promoting ‘Education for Sustainable Development.’ To create awareness among students and provide quality education related to the Environment, the “World Environment School” will be based on Value Education, Flexible-Innovative Learning Spaces, International Curriculum, and Regional and Global Focus.

Apart from that, “The Centre for Environment Education” (CEE), a national-level institution and Centre of Excellence in environment education, has worked closely with WES to develop a curriculum framework.

The curriculum for WES has been developed by adopting EE’s activity and inquiry-based pedagogy to enhance student’s cognitive abilities. A study was also conducted to review current practices in other schools in India. A working session was planned and conducted during the “International Conference on Sustainability Education 2019” for wider school inputs, bringing global experience from planners and practitioners. A ‘curriculum development consultation workshop’ was also organized to recommend approaches and processes for the school towards teaching, learning, and assessment to foster lifelong learning skills.