Gyan Kanya Shakti

Mobius Foundation - Empowering Girls Through Education

In rural India, educational challenges persist, especially for girls. At Mobius Foundation, we’ve embraced this challenge as a new focus area for affirmative action. Our aim is to not only provide quality education to underprivileged girls but also to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.

The GyaanKanya Shakti (GKS) Programme:

Initiated in 2023, the GyaanKanya Shakti (GKS) Program, spearheaded by Mobius Foundation, is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at providing quality education and holistic development opportunities to underprivileged girls in rural Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh. Through online interactive smart class-based education, health and sanitation interventions, and life skills and vocational training, GKS empowers girls to become catalysts of change in their communities. With a focus on bridging educational gaps and fostering sustainability, GKS is currently active in 34 government-run girls’ schools in districts such as Sheopur, Satna, Panna, Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh, and Chitrakoot, Banda, Kaushambi, Mahoba, and Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh. Our vision is to expand this initiative to 100 schools across these districts, ensuring a brighter future for girls in these regions.

Our Approach:
  • Smart Class-based Education: Equipped with audio-visual tools, our smart classrooms focus on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FNL), addressing the specific learning needs of girls in grades 6 to 8.
  • Health and Sanitation: We organize health camps and awareness sessions to ensure girls have access to essential healthcare services.
  • Life Skills and Vocational Training: Our curriculum includes soft skills, vocational training, and personality development, empowering girls to thrive in their communities and the job market.
Our Impact:

By creating nurturing environments in economically challenged districts, we aim to transform these girls into catalysts of change within their communities. Over the next five years,   our goal is to expand to 100 schools, reaching grades 9 to 12 and further widening our impact.


Gyaan Kanya Shakti 100 School Programme | International Girl Child Day | 11th October 2023