Wetlands for Wellbeing

To bring concerns pertaining to wetlands conservation to the attention of the world community, World Wetlands Day is associated with a particular subject every year. The subject for 2024 is “Wetlands and Human Wellbeing,” which emphasizes the important relationship between wetlands and various aspects of human prosperity, including as environmental, mental, and physical welfare.

Diving Deep with Dolphins

Biodiversity of the Ganga River is under stress due to reduced water availability, habitat degradation, pollution and unsustainable resource extraction. To conserve the ecological integrity of Ganga River, the Mobius Foundation had organised a panel discussion “Diving Deep with Dolphins”, 13th October, Friday, 6:00 PM -8:00 PM: Bikaner House, New Delhi, to delve into innovative ideas for dolphin conservation and emphasize the critical need for such solutions. Esteemed experts from various fields, including conservationists, financial experts, and policymakers gathered to exchange insights, share success stories mechanisms to support dolphin conservation efforts.


Tiger Talk: A Roaring Dialogue on Tiger Conservation

Project Tiger, initiated in 1973, has been instrumental in safeguarding the endangered tiger population in India. The project, launched by the Government of India in collaboration with various stakeholders, has made significant strides in tiger conservation over the years. However, the challenges faced by tiger populations continue to persist, necessitating the urgent need for additional funding and innovative approaches to ensure their survival.