The Mobius strip is named after ‘August Ferdinand Mobius’, a mathematics genius.  Run a finger over the surface of the strip and you will find your finger back at the starting place, having covered both sides of the strip without lifting the finger.  This is the motif of sustainability.


To create a green and peaceful living where the people believe in the power of change and education for sustainability


To pave a green and sustainable path towards a bright future where we leave the planet in a better state than we were born in


  • Sustainability Education: Mobius aims to educate people and instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment
  • Population Stabilization: The foundation believes population stabilization is a crucial step needed to address global issues like poverty, extinction of species and carbon footprint
  • Recycling: The foundation holds a firm belief that the three Rs; Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, will help achieve an eco- friendly environment
  • Renewable Energy: Mobius believes that adopting clean energy is vital to alleviate global warming, climate change, emissions and environment pollution. The need of the hour is to make eco-friendly sources of energy more accessible and affordable for the masses


Mobius Foundation

…towards Swachh, Smridh, Swastha and Sustainable Bharat