Day 1 Climate Literacy Conclave For South Asia With Policy Makers (APRIL 15, 2021)

The event kick-started with a welcome note by Dr. Ram Boojh, CEO of Mobius Foundation, and opening remarks by Mr. Aditya Pundir, Director of South Asia, The Climate Project Foundation. He emphasized that the solution lies in three Keywords: Innovation, Technology, and Change in Behaviour and they have to work in unison. Mr. Pradip Burman, Chairman, Mobius Foundation, sent his message and best wishes to the event focusing on education as an essential element of the global response to climate change. The eminent guests and speakers included Dr. Partha Sarathi Roy, Former Director, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dr. Nakul Chettri, Regional Programme Manager for Transboundary Landscapes at ICIMOD, Kathmandu and Prof. Erandathie Lokupitiya, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The speakers emphasized the role of climate literacy, its awareness and adaptation to climate change-related trends. The session for day 1 concluded with a vote of thanks from Ms. Karuna Singh, Regional Director Asia,

Climate Literacy Conclave Day 1

Day 2 Climate Literacy Conclave For South Asia With “MY FUTURE- MY VOICE YOUTH’ (APRIL16, 2021)

On the second day, the Youth participants from the #MyFutureMyVoice campaign in countries like India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives and Bhutan focused on the importance of Climate Literacy. They shared the case studies of the movements they led with excellent ideas and examples on climate literacy and environmental education.

Climate Literacy Conclave Day 2