Bharat Prem Mahotsav

Prem Jain Memorial Trust promotes Dr. Jain’s love for Sustainability and Mother Nature through weeklong celebrations titled “Harit Prem Bharat Mahotsav”. The Mahotsav is held from January 23 to 29 every year, to celebrate Dr. Jain’s birth anniversary on 26th January. Mr. Pradip Burman, Chairman Mobius Foundation was invited as key note speaker on 27th Jan, 2021. In his speech he introduced the projects and programmes of Mobius Foundation with special focus on education and population stabilisation. He emphasized on the relation between the growing population, housing, carbon emissions and need for green buildings.  He motivated the youth of today to work in the field of climate change as they are the ones who will inherit this planet. He believes that for the future generations to survive, the planet has to survive.

Prem Jain Memorial Trust – Harit Bharat Prem Mahotsav